In this tour I will take you to Ta Van approximately 15 km from Sapa, where we will spend the night with a Black Hmong or Zay family. 


Day 1 


On the first day we start trekking in Sapa. There are several trails leading down into the beautiful Muong Hoa Valley. Here we will reach a river that we will follow for a while. The trail leads through an stunning landscape, with mountains and steep sloping ricepaddies. You will see rivers, local houses and farmers working with their buffalo's.


We trek to Y Linh Ho, a beautiful remote village inhabited by the Black Hmong minority, where we will cross the bridge. From here the road trail up and down. We will walk over the edges of the rice fields. After crossing a few hills, we can see the village of Lao Chai, one of the oldest and largest Hmong villages in the area. This is my home village and I will tell you everything about the traditions of the local people. If we have enough time I can even bring you to my family-house up in the mountains. 


From Lao Chai we will walk to Ta Van Village, mostly inhabited by the Giay and Hmong ethnic minorities. If it is the right time of the year you can see the people planting rice or harvesting it. I will learn you all about the differences between the ethnic minority groups. 


When we reach the homestay you can walk around in the village, go to the river for a swim or watch the family cook dinner. 


Day 2


When you wake up the next morning and open the window you can see the clouds flowing through the valley while the sun starts to rise above the mountains. After a nice breakfast in the homestay we will start the trek of the next day. From the village we will be walking uphill untill we reach a bamboo forest. We keep walking until we reach the top of a waterfall. From here you have a beautiful view to the village of Giang ta Chai. 

We will descend to the river down in the valley. you will reach the other side of the small stream and walk to the village where we will enjoy a well deserved lunch or we can continue the trek to the village of Su Pan. After lunch, a car will be waiting to bring us back to Sapa.   



This tour includes 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 diner, 1 night in a Homestay, the village entree fees and transport back to Sapa. 


Because I would like to give you an insight in the culture of the ethnic minority tribes in Vietnam it is possible to have a traditional lunch in a local house, prepared by the family. You will get to try traditional dishes of the specific minority group. The costs of a local lunch are usually a bit higher then in a restaurant because of the ingredients and the work for the family. With this tour an optional local lunch is included in the price.


Bring good shoes, the trails can be quite slippery. Also a Waterproof Jacket, comfortable clothes and mosquito repellent are recommended.

Discover the stunning Muong Hoa valley and spend the night in a local homestay


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Customize your tour:

Please note that all tours described are just examples to give you an insight in the possibilities. The itinarary of the tour can be modified to your wishes. Please contact me for more information.

The homestays


In the area around Sapa there is a wide variety of homestays. Some of them are traditional local houses with a few extra beds. Here you stay with just the family and enjoy a real authentic experience. Usually these homestays do not have comforts like a western toilet or a (hot) shower.


Other homestays are more like simple guesthouses in the village, which you will share with other travellers. The bigger homestays have hot showers and western style toilets. You still stay in an ethnic minority village surrounded by traditional families, so you will have the chance to experience the village life in it’s full glory.


Before we start the trek I will discuss the different options with you, so you can choose the homestay to your like. If you have any questions about the homestay, please let me know.




1 person

$88 per person

2 people

$79 per person

3 people

$73 per person

4 people

$66 per person

5 - 6 people

$64 per person

7 or more

$61 per person

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