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Are you looking for private trekking tours in Sapa with an independent, experienced tour guide? My name is Mu and I'm a Hmong tour guide born and raised in a village around Sapa. I would love to show you around in the beautiful local villages where I grew up and introduce you to the different colourful ethnic minority groups. My goal is to give you an insight in the real village life of the hilltribes in Vietnam. During these treks we will avoid big tourist groups to give you a real local experience.

To design the perfect tailor made trekking adventure, before the trek I will explain you about the different trails and villages. You can choose where you would like to go and this way we can always find the trek that best suits your wishes. 


When you choose to go on a hike with me I can bring you to my family members who live a traditional life in the mountains around Sapa. We will walk through stunning landscapes where you'll meet the people of my ethnic group (Black Hmong) and other ethnic minority groups such as the Red Dzao and Giay.I show you how local people, like my father, grow rice, corn and vegetables and take care of their animals. I also will explain you our local customs and traditions.


During the trek you will have the opportunity to spend one or more nights in a homestay in one of the villages. I can teach you how to cook a local meal or you can use the time to explore the village a little bit more.


I really love our way of living and I hope you will enjoy to be a part of it for a couple days. I hope to see you soon in Sapa!


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Private Trekking Tours in Sapa

If you like to go trekking in Sapa there are several options. From Sapa different bufallo-trails lead to the ethnic minority villages in the area. I can show you the most beautiful routes to these villages. We will use remote treks, where we avoid the big tourist groups. During your private trekking tour in Sapa, you will learn more about the lifes and customs of ethnic minority hill tribes such as Red Dzao, Giay, Tay, Hmong and Xa Pho.We walk through stunning landscapes with rice terraces, rivers, mountains and forrest. During the trek we can have a lunch at a local family.It is possible to spend one or more nights in a homestay.


- A local ethnic minority tour guide

- Fluently English speaking

- Over 10 years experience

- Private Tours

- Tailor made itinarary

- A real local experience

- Avoid big groups

- Remote treks

- Make friends for life! 



A unique experience in the mountains of North-Vietnam

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Let me tell you more about myself. My name is Ly Thi Mu. I'm a Hmong girl born and raised in the village of Lao Chai. My family has a traditional farm up in the mountains, where they grow rice.Since more then ten years I work as a tourguide and show my guest around in the villages.

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About Sapa

The gateway to the ethnic minority villages

Sapa is a frontier town in the northwest of Vietnam, once established as hill station by the French because of its cool climate. Nowadays Sapa is a market town where ethnic minority people and tourist meet, to explore the local villages in the valleys and mountains surrounding the town.

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The different ethnic minority groups in Sapa

In the Sapa area there are different ethnic minority groups living. The first of them arrived centuries ago. Over the years they created the stunning ricefields in the mountains. In Sapa you can meet minority groups such as Hmong, Red Dzao, Zay, Xa Pho and Tay. A great way to get to know them is spending a night in one of the many homestays.